Basic data base for the geographic information system (ZBGIS®) is part of the information system of surveying, mapping and cadastre, cartography and land surveying Office, and ensures that forms of the Slovak Republic on the basis of law No 218/1995 z. z. on geodesy and cartography, as amended.
ZBGIS®  object-oriented spatial data base is the reference basis for the national infrastructure for spatial information. Creates the location and geometric Foundation for the creation of a thematic extension of geographical information systems and is binding for the creation of the national primary and national thematic mapping works.
The purpose of the building of ZBGIS® is to create a base of relevant spatial information on the territory of the Slovak Republic in the system to allow them to store, update, handle, analysis and imaging/display.
ZBGIS® consists of data and metadata about spatial objects, spatial and thematic attributes and reciprocal links. A range of data about managed objects in the framework of ZBGIS®  specifies the catalog classes objects (KTO ZBGIS®). Visualization of data ZBGIS® is available in the Web Mapping client application, the composition of the map by ZBGIS®.

Published: 02.01.2015 / Updated : 23.11.2015 


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