Geodetic Data File

Geodetic data file (SGI) comprises:

  • Cadastral maps
  • Maps of determined
  • Survey sketches
  • Records of detailed changesurvey
  • List of coordinates

GKÚ Bratislava in the geodetic data file administers cadastral maps and maps of determined documentation in digital form in vector or raster graphic shapes. Vector maps are kept by cadastral districts in one or several files in VGI exchange format.


Cadastral map is understood to mean a large-scale planimetric map, which shows all real properties and cadastral districts registered in the cadastre. Lots in the cadastral map are shown by projecting the parcel boundaries into the plane of projection, and, as a rule, they are marked by parcel numbers and symbols of nature of land use. The parcels of land are registered as C-register parcels. Vector cadastral map contains layers KATUZ, KLADPAR, LINIE, POPIS, TARCHY, ZAPPAR, ZNACKY, ZUOB, OBVODOKO and OBVODPPU.



Map of Determined Documentation is a large-scale map, which shows the boundaries of initial lots registered in the cadastre of real estate as E-register parcels. They are the lots which are not distinct in the terrain and which, as a rule, are combined into larger units. Determined documentation vector map contains UOV layer.



Updated: 21.09.2021