Web map application MAPKA - Map portal of cadastre (formerly known as ZBGIS Map Client) is a web application, which serves for work with ZBGIS, real estate cadastre and geodetic control data, archival raster maps as well as with a digital terrain model, orthophotos and geographical names. It is a complex tool for displaying, search and analysis of spatial data and map services of ZBGIS and ESKN, external map services and one´s own data, as well as for advanced map outputs creation.

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Map themes in application:

Cadastre of Real Estate ZBGIS Terén, digitálny model reliéfu, nadmorské výšky, sklony, orientácie  Geodetické základy, referenčné geodetické body ŠMD, archív Geografické názvy mimo územia SR


Searching in theme Cadastre od Real Estate:


Updated: 14.06.2024