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Description Data File

Description Data File (SPI) comprises data as follows:

  • cadastral districts
  • real estate
    • lots
    • constructions
    • unfinished constructions
    • flats and non-flat spaces
    • unfinished flats and non-flat spaces
  • rights in real estate
  • owners and other persons entitled to rights in real estate
  • changes in the description data file
  • settlement and non-settlement names

Data are arranged into 9 database files:

  • file of C-register parcel
  • file of E-register parcel
  • file of constructions
  • file of flat and non-flat spaces
  • file of owners
  • file of occupants/tenants
  • file of legal relations
  • file of ownership documents
  • file of initial cadastral districts


Updated: 21.09.2021