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Product of service Data type Price Information
Geodetic data of survey (SR geodetic control) point digital 0,20 € / point Order of geodetic data
analogue 0,20 € / point
Archives of geodetic data
about survey point
digital 0,20 € / point
analogue 0,20 € / point
Numeric and graphical point information digital 0,00 € Map client ZBGIS
Data for SKPOS virtual reference station or for SKPOS CORS RINEX 2.x, 3.x 3,00 € + rate 0,05 €
for each
started hour
SKPOS registration and order
SKPOS_mm RINEX 2.x, 3.x 50,00 € / 1000 hour / year
SKPOS_cm RTCM 2.x, 3.x,
50,00 € / year
SKPOS_cm RTCM 2.x, 3.x,
19,00 € / month
SKPOS_dm RTCM 2.x 20,00 € / year

Note.: All other information about products and services you will find in the price list as of 1st May 2014.

Updated: 01.12.2022